In the corporate world, finding the perfect gift that strikes a balance between professionalism and personal touch can be quite a challenge. However, we've discovered a unique and elegant solution that not only embodies sophistication but also carries numerous benefits—Sculptural Beeswax Candles.

The Artistry of Beeswax Sculptures

At Everyday Self, we take pride in offering an exquisite collection of sculptural beeswax candles that transcend the ordinary. Each candle is meticulously handcrafted in Mount Eden, not just to illuminate a space but to serve as a work of art. Our candles, shaped like nature's pollinator, the bee, bring a touch of nature into any corporate setting.

The Benefits of Beeswax

1. Clean and Pure Illumination

Beeswax candles stand out for their clean-burning nature. Unlike paraffin candles, they produce little to no soot, ensuring a pure and gentle glow. This makes them perfect for corporate environments, leaving no residue to compromise the pristine atmosphere of your office space.

2. Natural Air Purifiers

One of the unique benefits of beeswax is its ability to purify the air. As these candles burn, they release negative ions that help neutralize pollutants, allergens, and other contaminants. Enhance the air quality in your office while enjoying the warm ambiance created by these elegant sculptures.

3. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Show your commitment to sustainability with our beeswax candles. Sourced from reputable apiaries, our candles are a renewable resource. By choosing beeswax, you're not only making a conscious decision for your corporate gifting but also supporting the preservation of honeybee populations.

The Perfect Corporate Gift

1. Enhancing Corporate Culture

Gifts have the power to strengthen relationships and foster a positive company culture. Beeswax candles, with their symbolic significance and natural charm, make for a thoughtful "Corporate gift/ Business Gift Solutions"  that expresses gratitude and appreciation. They're perfect for employee recognition, client appreciation, or as a token of goodwill during corporate events.

2. Long-Lasting Impressions

Unlike conventional gifts that may be forgotten over time, sculptural beeswax candles endure as a lasting reminder of your thoughtful gesture. Whether displayed in an office, conference room, or at home, these candles are functional art, designed to be display and admire but also to be burned. Making your corporate present elegant and artistic. Creating a lasting connection between your brand and the recipient.


Beeswax Pillars - Corporate gift

Ivory beeswax candles - The perfect corporate gift


In the world of corporate gifting, it's the unique and thoughtful choices that leave a lasting impact. Sculptural beeswax candles from Everyday Self are not just gifts; they are expressions of art, sustainability, and appreciation. Illuminate your corporate relationships with the warm glow of nature's finest wax, and make your gift memorable.

Elevate your corporate gifting experience with our unique creations that not only illuminate spaces but also infuse homes with a subtle honey aroma. See our sculptural beeswax candles on our website

Contact us today, and discover how you can make your corporate gifting extraordinary. Special pricing awaits you when you purchase 6 or more candles, ensuring that your thoughtful gestures leave a lasting impression. Let us tailor a gifting solution that aligns perfectly with your vision.

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