Each candle is unique in the way it burns.

Before Burning

  • Ensure your candles are on a heat safe candle tray. This will collect any melted wax drip.
  • Prior to lighting your candle, trim the wick at least 5-10mm. This will prevent rapid burning or flaring.
  • Avoid placing your candles near drafts, vents or air currents. This will prevent rapid burning and excessive dripping.

Your first burn

  • Light your candle in a well-ventilated safe space, clear of flowers, and other flammable objects
  • Once lit, never leave a burning candle unattended. Remember to always blow out your candle when leaving the room.

Don't do

  • Do not touch or move your candle when lit
  • Never burn your candle near anything that is flammable. This includes drapes, bedding, books, paper, etc.
  • Never burn your candle near children or pets. Ensure your candle is out of reach when lit.

After use

  • When not in use, place your candle away from direct sunlight and nearby heat sources.
  • Trim your wick to at least 5-10mm before each light

Beeswax Care

Over time a white film/dust may appear on the exterior of your beeswax candle. This is a natural process, called Blooming, and will not affect the burning of your candle. The film can be removed with a soft dry cloth.