Why choose beeswax candles?

The gold standard in waxes. 

If you're looking for the healthiest wax, look no further than beeswax. It naturally cleans the air as it burns due to negative ions being released. They attach to dust and allergens in the air and drop to the floor. Making it the perfect choice for people with allergies and environmental sensitivities. It also burns brighter, cleaner, and longer due to the high melting-point. 

Nature's Air Purifier

Continuing the centuries-old craft of beeswax candle making, we hand pour our candles, using only the finest beeswax derived from the South Island. Our candles use sustainable and cruelty-free beeswax and lead-free cotton wicks, making them perfect for anyone’s home. Beeswax is a dense substance, meaning that it doesn’t require any hardeners, additives, or chemical treatments to make a quality product - and comes with it's own beautiful, soft scent of nature.

No two batches of candles are the same, often varying in colour from a pale gold to a rich, warm yellow depending on what flowers the bees were pollinating. If your candle gets a white powder effect, that indicates the purity of it - called blooming.

Beeswax candles emit the warmest light, burning one at night helps to produce melatonin in the brain, helping to settling our minds and bodies before bed. **Always blow out before you go to sleep or leave a room.

Everyday Self Candles provide premium, non-toxic products that everybody can enjoy. Our native New Zealand beeswax candles are clean, green, and gentle on the nose. 

The gorgeous golden colour make them a stunning home interior ornament that goes with anything. Once lit, they really do makes your house feel like a home.



Good for you