Everyday Candle Holders Set of 3 | Matt Black


Elevate any space with the timeless elegance of the Everyday Candle Holder Set of 3. These stunning black candle holders bring a touch of luxury to any setting with their modern appeal, featuring two perfect for taper candles and one specially designed for wider candles.

Whether arranged together to create a captivating centerpiece or placed separately to add a touch of elegance to your mantle or shelf, their versatility knows no bounds.

An additional feature is the black anti-slide foam pad affixed to each base, ensuring stability and preventing unwanted movement or scratches on your surfaces.

The taper holders are designed to accommodate taper candles up to 2.2cm in diameter for a refined touch. Elevate the ambiance by pairing them with our selection of beeswax or ivory taper candles. For wider candles up to 6cm in diameter, choose our Erma sphere or Leon candles to complement the wide holder beautifully.

Measures: 21cm H (small), 28cm H (medium), 40cm (large)

Composition: Iron.

Color: Matt Black

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